We’re moving to a new home!

We’re moving all user group activity to powershellgroup.org.  Please visit and register with that site so that you can be notified of upcoming events.

Please also be sure to visit the forum where I’ve started a discussion where you can talk about what you want/expect out of the group.


Call to Arms!!!

I’ve had enough initial feedback from friends and colleagues to put the first foot forward on this project.  We have a tentative first meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 16th 2010 at 6 or 7pm.  Via word-of-mouth alone we already have 10 people who have expressed interest in making it to the inaugural meeting.  I am still working out the details as far as location and time.  I have placed a call to the Microsoft office on 6th ave. and I’m waiting for a callback.  If anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions regarding venue please contact me.  Ideally the place would have either a built-in projector or a space big enough for us to bring one.  It should allow us to provide snacks and refreshments (alcohol friendly is a plus).

For the first meeting we’ll have a brief discussion about the future of the group followed by one or two presentations.  Ideally each meeting will have both a beginner and advanced topic.  I’d like to ensure that even those who are brand new to Powershell will leave the meeting feeling like it was worth their time.  It will also give the more intermediate members an opportunity to share their knowledge of more beginner topics.  I personally have enough material to fill up the few first meetings (both beginner and advanced) if no one else comes forward.

If you have any interest in attending this meeting or future meetings please contact me so that I can ensure you are updated about future happenings.  Once we have the date/time/venue finalized we will probably move this website into PowershellGroup.org.  I’ll also be doing a little blog/forum advertising blitz to make sure everyone in NYC who should be aware is aware.

Beyond joining us feel free to contribute in any way you can.  I’m specifically interested in those who want to voice an opinion about:

  • Venue
  • Speakers – Including vendors
  • Sponsorship
  • General thoughts or ideas about what the group should be or should become

I’m looking forward to putting this show on and seeing some friendly and new faces in the I.T. and scripting community once a month.